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kushielsorting's Journal

Kushiel's Legacy Sorting
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Kushiel Sorting

Kushiel's Legacy Sorting

About the Community

Have you ever wondered which noble house of Terre d'Ange you'd be a member of? Now you can find out! Kushiel Sorting is a sorting community for the Kushiel's Legacy series, inspired by the myriad of Harry Potter sorting communities and westerosorting, the Song of Ice and Fire sorting community. If you are looking for Night Court sorting, there's night_court for that.

In this community, you will fill out an application to determine which house you are best suited for. Once you've been sorted, you can join our subcommunities as well as your house community and compete in the Game of Thrones!

The available houses are Aiglemort, Courcel, L'Envers, Mereliot, Montreve, Shahrizai, Somerville, and Trevalion. One house for each of the seven provinces of Terre d'Ange, plus the royal family. Morhban is not an option because we already have the Shahrizai to represent Kusheth. Also, we've only met one member of the house whereas we've met at least two of all the others.

Your moderators are angerfish (Lady of Marsilikos) & jesatria (Duchese L'Envers)

Community Rules

1. You must be at least 18 years old to join this community, due to the nature of the series. We'd prefer that you read all 6 Kushiel's Legacy books before applying, but this is not a requirement. However, we do require that applicants read the first 4 books of the series. We do welcome discussion of the Moirin books here, but we do not require new members to have read them.

2. Once you've joined, please fill out the sorting application. That's what you're here for, right? We'd appreciate it if you could be as thorough as possible. The more info we have to go on, the better we can sort you.

3. Please be honest. Pushing is not permitted. If we feel, after reading your application, that you are pushing for a particular house, you will be asked to reapply.

4. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

5. Try to avoid making changes to your application after it has been posted. If you do make changes, for instance if members ask you to elaborate more, please put a note in your application informing your sorters.

6. Please put your house in the subject line of your comment when sorting! This makes it easier for the mods to count points. If you have not been sorted yet, put "Unsorted." Sorting is worth 5 points. Also, be sure to bold the name of the house you are voting for. Please elaborate as much as possible when sorting, though this is a courtesy rather than a requirement.

7. Take the time to read through the application & consider it thoroughly. Here is some helpful info for sorting.

8. You may No Vote someone if you feel they have not elaborated enough or have been pushing for a particular house. Please be sure to bold "No Vote" in your comment. You will still receive sorting points if you No Vote someone.

9. We ask that all applications be written in English. Proper capitalization and punctuation should be used- no Netspeak. Also, keep in mind when sorting that English may not be an applicant's first language.

10. You may not argue with the votes you receive. We like to keep things drama free.

11. No more than 7 applications will be released per week. If you are wondering why your application hasn't been released, it's probably still in the queue. Applications will be released on Monday, sorting will close on Friday. Applicants will be officially sorted on Saturday. In the event of a tie, the mods will vote to decide which house the applicant belongs in.

12. Being sorted is just the beginning! Once you've been sorted into a house, you are free to join your housemates in competing to win the Game of Thrones. We have a wide range of activities going on in our subcommunities, several of which you can do to earn points for your house. All of the posts in the subcommunities are locked, so you need to join them in order to participate. Each game lasts 4 months. Whichever house has the most points at the end of the Game will be the winner!

13. If you are unhappy with your house & wish to be resorted, please take a look at this post in cassiline_bros. You may post an appeal there for resorting, but we ask that you be a member of your house for at least 2 weeks before submitting an appeal. This way we know you at least gave your house a chance.

14. Promotion of other Kushiel communities is perfectly fine. You are welcome to do so in cereus_house. If you'd like to promote this community, you can use this banner. If anyone mentions you referred them in their application, you will receive 20 points!

15. Please put "Elua cared naught for mortal politics" in the subject line of your post so we know you read the rules.

16. Have fun :))

It is highly recommended that you post your application using html format rather than rich text. This will keep the html from getting massively messed-up.


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