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[Maleficent] In the throne room

Submitting Apps is Awesome!!!!

Posted by jesatria on 2011.03.13 at 17:53
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Hello, D'Angelines! If you've just joined the community & are deciding to submit an application, here are some very good reasons why you should do so. There are many different things going on in our subcommunities, but you cannot join them until you submit an application & get sorted!

-Take part in canon discussion & get to know other Kushiel fans in cereus_house ! We're currently doing a group reread of Kushiel's Dart!
-Discuss sex scenes & shipping in naamahs_temple !
-Enjoy silly macros, silly discussions, & all kinds of ridiculousness in orchis_house !
-View & post Kushiel fanworks in eglantinehouse !
-Enter & vote in contests in hall_of_games ! We are currently holding a Sex Scenes Fanfiction Contest, & submissions are still open!
-Get to know your housemates in your house community!

So we encourage you to submit an application & get sorted! We'd love to have you!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask jesatria or angerfish !

[Maleficent] In the throne room


Posted by jesatria on 2011.01.24 at 01:34
Hello, D'Angelines! angerfish & I are really pleased to see so much enthusiasm & participation thus far!

We'd like to clarify, for anyone who's not familiar with how sorting communities work, that the fun doesn't really start until you submit an application & get sorted. After you've been sorted, you can join our subcommunities where you may take part in discussions & contests, view and post fanworks, & interact with members of your house & other Kushiel fans. We have an inter-house competition going on right now, called the Game of Thrones, that you can compete in by earning points for your house. The house with the most points when the game ends on April 30 will be the winner!

Here's some information on our subcommunities:

cassiline_bros- This is the community of the kushielsorting moderators. It is closed to non-moderators, but if you have a question, concern, complaint, or suggestion, you may leave it here.
cereus_house- For general discussion of the Kushiel series, Kushiel-related news, & community announcements.
eglantinehouse- For Kushiel fanworks.
hall_of_games- For fanworks contests & games.
naamahs_temple- For any discussions of sexuality in the Kushiel series.
orchis_house- For Kushiel silliness.

Each house has its own subcommunity as well, & you may join your house's once you have been sorted.

We release applications on Monday, but any application submitted as late as Tuesday afternoon will be accepted. Any applications after that will remain in the queue until next week. No more than 7 applications are released each week. We don't want to overwhelm. Applications are officially sorted on Saturday.

Also, we'd like to remind everyone that we actively encourage you to promote the community! The more members we get, the merrier! If anyone mentions you referred them here in their application, you will receive a 20 pt bonus!

Reminder post #1

Posted by angerfish on 2011.01.06 at 17:19
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Hey guys, you have 24 hours to sort the following applications:


Some notes about sorting:
+ It earns your House 5 points!
+ If anyone says they learned about the comm from you, it will earn your House 20 points!
+ You may sort even if you do not have an application in the queue.
+ Yay sorting!

[Maleficent] In the throne room


Posted by jesatria on 2011.01.03 at 00:12
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Hello, everyone! Welcome to kushielsorting !!!

If you've ever wondered what great house of Terre d'Ange would suit you best, this is the place for you. All you need to do is fill out the sorting application (which can be found in the userinfo) and submit it and we will sort you into one of 8 houses: Aiglemort, Courcel, L'Envers, Mereliot, Montreve, Shahrizai, Somerville, or Trevalion. Once you've been sorted, you are welcome to join our awesome subcommunities as well as your house's community and take part in all kinds of community activities.

For more info, please read the community rules. Your mods are jesatria  & angerfish . Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Have fun, & love as thou wilt!